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The Track Coach

Track season is here and Keigan is ready for it until she finds out she will be competing in hurdles; the one event she has always avoided. For the first time ever, she isn’t looking forward to her upcoming track meet and would love nothing more than to drop out of the event, but someone just won’t let her. After a little encouragement from someone extraordinary, Keigan has a change of mindset and decides that she is up for the new challenge. Keigan is determined she will not only compete in the event but win it as well. Will she? 

Find out in this inspirational story that is sure to encourage all children to persevere and never disqualify themselves, because, with God, anything is possible for those who believe! 

His Masterpiece

Delilah is ready to take on her first day of third grade at her new school, Kennedy Heights Elementary, or so she thinks. While playing at recess, something happens that Delilah just can’t seem to get over. This once fun-loving, self-confident nine-year-old girl begins to see herself differently and struggles with self-esteem. It isn’t until Delilah hears a mysterious voice speaking truth and words of encouragement that she sees herself as she truly is, a MASTERPIECE. Find out what happened on the playground and who this unfamiliar voice belongs to in this inspirational story that is sure to encourage children to love and see themselves as God sees them.

The Lesson Dominic Can't Wait To Share

Learning something new is always exciting, especially for five-year-old Dominic. He learns something new in children’s church that is life-changing for him. He thinks it is the best thing ever! Dominic conducts a little more research to ensure he fully understands what he has been taught. He knows just where to go to get the answers. While studying, Dominic hears from someone extraordinary who confirms what he has learned, and now he is determined to share his good news with his friends. Want to know what this lesson is that Dominic learns and can’t wait to share? Find out in this cute, inspirational story that will encourage and empower you to be like Dominic and share the good news with your family and friends.  

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